Monday, October 1


8:00 am – 11:30 am      NHRMA Volunteer Leader Meeting & Workshop and NHRMA Annual Business Meeting (Open to All)

Current and potential leaders are encouraged to attend. This includes a leadership speaker, SHRM Field Services Directors presentation, and SHRM chapter/state council leadership breakouts. There is no fee to attend; however, pre-registration is required.


8:00 am –  11:15 am       Pre-Conference Workshops 

Please email for a copy of the Pre-Conference Workshop PowerPoint presentation, if available. You must have registered for the Pre-Conference Workshop to receive the presentation.

PC01) Effective Affirmative Action Outreach is No Longer Optional
Employment Law & Legislation - Approved for 3 General Credits

The OFCCP is increasingly focused on the specific, quantifiable outreach efforts taken by federal contractors for Veterans and Persons with a Disability. This trend will not only continue, it will most assuredly become even more pronounced as the OFCCP's Section 503 and VEVRAA regulatory revisions are finalized. In addition to the efforts being taken by government contractors to post their open positions down to the state and local workforce agencies, it is imperative that federal contractors build tangible, verifiable relationships with the "brick and mortar "sources of veteran candidates and persons with a disability. These efforts must help compliment and support the government contractor's posting process that is in place for each of its geographic locations where they make hires. This session will be focused on how federal contractors can plan and implement the necessary preparations to accomplish enterprise-wide outreach that will not only satisfy the OFCCP’s changing requirements, but also support their diverse recruitment objectives.

Presenter: David Scheffler, Sr. Director of Recruitment Compliance Consulting, PINNACLE, New Orleans, LA

PC02) HR Metrics — Training to Drive Sustainable Business Processes
Strategic Management - Approved for 3 Strategic Credits

One of the greatest challenges organizations face is maintaining a common business focus on improving results across all functional areas and levels, as well as communicating these said results to all involved. This interactive session outlines the process for developing, tracking, communicating and presenting workgroup business goals and objectives. Attendees will learn the importance of a common business focus to organizational success through the development of a mission statement and specific, measurable business goals. This session will give attendees specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely methods for tracking and communicating business results.

Presenter: Rick Howell, Director of Human Resources, New Seasons Market, Vancouver, WA

PC03) It Doesn't Come With a Title: Uncommon-Practice Leadership
Organizational Effectiveness and Talent Development - Approved for 3 General Credits

How do you lead people who don't report to you, or get results when you don't have the title or authority? The answer is uncommon-practice leadership. It's not your position that gives you power; it's your behavior. Discover uncommonly displayed behaviors that create positive influence, enhance results, and initiate natural followership. Immediately apply four cornerstone behaviors, while reducing mistakes that may be hijacking your effectiveness and eroding your HR results or professional growth. Plus gain insight into winning behaviors that can be utilized with any staff approach.

Presenter: Nan Russell, President, MountainWorks Communications, Whitefish, MT

PC04) Self-funded vs. Fully Insured Health Plans: What’s Right for You?
Total Rewards - Approved for 3 General Credits

Are you fully insured and considering the switch to self-funding? No matter what happens with health reform, self-funding health insurance plans will continue to be a valid option for many companies. Can you really reduce your organization's health plan costs? What if there are large claims? Are you concerned about the risks? The best option depends entirely upon the specifics of your business. Our presentation will help you review the funding and administrative components, the players in the selffunded equation, and how to weigh the pros and cons to make a suitable and sustainable decision for your organization.

Presenter: Joshua Weinstein, Employee Benefits Consultant, Northrim Benefits Group, LLC, Anchorage, AK

PC05) Reading the Tells — Non-Verbal Communication for the HR Profession
Workforce Planning and Employment - Approved for 3 General Credits

Reading the Tells is a powerful training seminar that gives you practical techniques, tools, and strategies for understanding and using non-verbal communication for the highest impact and effectiveness. Become a highly respected, highly influential, and highly successful communicator! Whether you are a teacher, counselor, manager, principal, supervisor, sales rep, attorney, or HR professional, the degree of career success you enjoy is virtually dictated by your skills in communicating with others on the job.

Presenter: Jerry Balistreri, Trainer, Self Employed, Anchorage, AK


11:30 am – 1:30 pm      Lunch on own


12:00 pm – 1:15 pm      Executive Sponsor Luncheon with NHRMA Board Members (Invitation Only)


12:00 pm – 4:00 pm      Exhibitor Check-In and Install


1:30 pm 2:45 pm        Concurrent Workshops


M01) Trends and Developments in Employment Law
Employment Law & Legislation - Approved for 1.25 General Credits

A review of the major state and federal cases that were decided in the past year along with a summary of proposed or recently enacted legislation and a discussion regarding agency developments.

Presenter: Gregory Fisher, Partner, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, Anchorage, AK

M02) "What? I Had No Idea..." FCRA Compliance
Employment Law & Legislation - Approved for 1.25 General Credits

Recently there has been a significant rise in organizations being sued for lack of compliance and due diligence in their pre-employment screening process. Now, more than ever, organizations need to be educated and informed on what they must do to protect themselves. This presentation will focus on what HR professionals must do in the pre-employment process to ensure that they are compliant with FCRA, state, and local laws regarding criminal background checks. Attendees will learn the steps of a compliant and due diligent pre-employment process.

Presenter: Ryan Brewer, Pinnacle Investigations, Spokane Valley, WA

M03) Solve the Coming Talent Crisis Using Assessment Science and Technology
Organizational Effectiveness and Talent Development - Approved for 1.25 General Credits

Demand for high quality talent, and the need to assess talent for promotion and hiring, is increasing. Cutting edge assessment techniques and technologies, including online games and simulations, can now be used to identify and develop talent in a valid, legally defensible, and cost effective manner. That said, any technologies are used inappropriately. In this interactive session participants will identify their own assessment needs, learn how technology enables 24/7 delivery of assessments, and see demonstrations of novel assessment technologies. Participants will leave the session with a clear understanding of how to evaluate assessment approaches given their organization’s needs.

Presenter: Robert Lewis, VP, Western Region, APTMetrics, Sammamish, WA

M04) Compensation Trends in the Northwest
Total Rewards - Approved for 1.25 Strategic Credits

The presentation will provide an introduction to Salary Surveys in the Northwest which will lead to addressing Compensation Trends in the area, providing specific examples of some common positions in companies . The presentation will  discuss geographic pay differential trends between Alaska, Oregon, Washington State and other regions of the US, giving attendees the resources to establish and manage employee pay and reward strategy. This includes the current challenges of designing competitive compensation structures, philosophy and competitive markets.

Presenter: Winston Tan, Principal, Human Resources & Rewards, Intandem, LLC, Liberty Lake, WA

M05) Global Demographics and the Future of Labor
Workforce Planning and Employment - Approved for 1.25 International Credits

Global demographic changes over the past several decades have reshaped the face of the planet and created an unstable disparity in population growth not seen since the Dark Ages. This presentation explores the impact of demographic changes on the global economy, with special emphasis on the availability of labor. Changes in fertility rates, infant mortality, life expectancy and longevity, migration and urbanization are examined, as well as changing views towards marriage and the role of women in today’s economy. These issues impact the labor shortage to come, but also influence other human resource issues such as healthcare and pensions.

Presenter: Mark Wade, Manager of Human Resources and Director of Safety, Evans Properties, Inc., Vero Beach, FL


3:30 pm – 5:30 pm      Opening General Session featuring Martin Buser, Keynote Speaker


Martin is a four-time Iditarod champion. Born in Winterthur, Switzerland in 1958, Martin became fascinated with sled dogs while still a teen. He came to Alaska in 1979 to enhance his knowledge of care and training of sled dogs. He began working and training with long-time Alaskan mushers Earl and Natalie Norris and ran his first Iditarod in 1980. He resides in Big Lake, Alaska, where his family owns and manages Happy Trails Kennel.


Martin spends a percentage of his personal time speaking with youth on the humanitarian care of animals and the spirit of the Iditarod. He also speaks at various conferences about the importance of being strategic, taking care of your team, perseverance, overcoming obstacles and keeping sight of the ultimate goal through the life-long lessons he has learned from his dogs after years of running the Iditarod.


Martin is currently the musher with the most consecutive Iditarod finishes – 29 races completed with 27 consecutive finishes. While the race is always the final exam, the year round interaction and relationship with the dogs is the most valuable aspect of this lifestyle. On a daily basis, Martin and his family are amazed by the stamina, loyalty, honesty, and joy of these dogs. Martin runs the race each year with his dogs to test the success of their breeding, training and physical endurance. He regards his racers as true competitive athletes and prides his team on their longevity and spirit of competition.


5:30 pm – 7:30 pm      Welcome Reception in Tradeshow and SHRM Foundations Silent Auction