Tuesday, October 2


7:30 am – 8:30 am         Breakfast in Tradeshow


8:30 am – 10:00 am       General Session featuring Father Oleksa, Keynote Speaker - Approved for 1.25 General Credits


The Rev. Dr. Michael J. Oleksa, born in Allentown, PA, was invited to the Alutiiq village of Old Harbor on Kodiak Island in 1969 and has served as a pastor, counselor, teacher, college professor, seminary administrator and consultant in cross-cultural  communication across Alaska for the last 42 years. A graduate of Georgetown University and St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary, he earned his doctoral degree at the Orthodox Theological Faculty of Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1988.


His four-part PBS TV series, "Communicating Across Cultures" has been widely acclaimed. The recipient of numerous awards from the Alaska State Legislature, the Board of Regents of the University of Alaska and the Alaska Federation of Natives, Father Oleksa continues to teach at Alaska Pacific University and resides in Anchorage with his Yup'ik wife, Xenia and several of their children and grandsons.


10:00 am – 10:30 am     Networking Break in Tradeshow


10:30 am 11:45 am      Concurrent Workshops

T01) "If You Leave Me Now…” Not the Same Song & Dance for Mastering Leave and Disability Accommodation
Employment Law & Legislation -
Approved for 1.25 General Credits

With the economic downturn, employers are demanding greater productivity from a smaller workforce. Yet workers have more leave rights than ever. Under the ADA amendments, most medical conditions are protected disabilities that employers must accommodate. Likewise, veterans are entitled to job protection and accommodation for war-time injuries. Caregivers are entitled to time off, sometimes without a biological or legal relationship to the sick or injured. The EEOC is obtaining multi-million dollar settlements from employers whose policies and practices are not flexible enough. What should HR professionals be doing now to help their companies avoid liability for interfering with leave rights?

Presenter: Katheryn Bradley, Attorney, Lane Powell PC, Seattle, WA

T02) Strategic Change Management
Strategic Management - Approved for 1.25 Strategic Credits

Your managers and supervisors need to be prepared to lead organizational change efforts. The competitiveness and even the survival of organizations are increasingly dependent upon their ability to determine the need for and successfully implement change. Yet all too often many executives fail in their attempt to bring about needed change in their organizations. A primary reason is the lack of change management skills and a way to apply them effectively. Now more than ever, these business skills are becoming "must have" whereas just a few years ago they were considered "nice to have". Seize this opportunity to stay competitive and gain critical know-how to meet the challenges of transition in the workplace with real-life solutions delivered by a distinguished faculty. In this presentation, attendees will learn to focus on both the necessary planning to lead successful change and the effective strategies for handling each stage of the change process.

Presenter: Frank Jeffries, University of Alaska Anchorage, Anchorage, AK

T03) Engaging Employees and Accelerating Peak Performance
Organizational Effectiveness and Talent Development - Approved for 1.25 General Credits

Peak performance requires buy-in. Employees need to be effectively motivated, empowered, and given proper direction in order to reach their potential. Grounded in fresh data and research, this energizing presentation will show what roles organizations, leaders and employees themselves play in the creation of employee engagement and how a smarter engagement strategy can lead to better business performance.

Presenter: Don MacPherson, President & Co-Founder, Modern Survey, Minneapolis, MN

T04) Claims Cost Containment: Protecting Your Self-Funded Plan Against Fraud & Abuse
Total Rewards - Approved for 1.25 General Credits

As HR professionals, protecting the company's self-funded benefit plan is a priority, and making sure that money is not seeping through the cracks is critical! Yet we see claims fraud and abuse on a daily basis -- but it doesn't have to continue. Tom Doney, CEO of Cypress Benefit Administrators, will discuss the common (and not-so common) ways that providers are billing self funded plans and how to identify ways to reduce the employer’s liability when it comes to protecting their plan’s assets. Using real world and eye-opening examples of the problems that exist in today’s medical environment, Tom will discuss the ways employer groups can actually reduce the cost of health care by using the tools available to keep clients from paying what they shouldn’t. Employers are required by law to pay out of their health plan only what should be paid according to plan design and appropriate national billing standards. Join Tom to learn how to bolster your efforts and be a prudent advocate for your plan.

Presenter: Courtney Touw, Executive Vice President, Alliant Employee Benefits, Seattle, WA

T05) Workforce Strategy Plan for Redesigning Human Resources
Workforce Planning and Employment - Approved for 1.25 General Credits

A Workforce Strategy is an organized plan for identifying the types of skills/competencies and the number of employees required to meet the agency goals and strategic objectives. The Department of Human Services is using this practice to identify the gaps between current job skills and the skills needed to perform the work in the future. The plan will assist in maintaining and recruiting a diversified workforce. This presentation will provide examples and activities in an interactive manner that will provide tools and resources for Human Resource professionals.

Presenter: Carolyn Ross, Department of Human Services, Salem, OR


11:45 am – 1:00 pm      Networking / Table Topics Lunch in Tradeshow


1:00 pm 2:15 pm        Concurrent Workshops

T06) Surviving the Frozen Tundra: Successfully Manage Injured Employees
Employment Law & Legislation - Approved for 1.25 General Credits

Attendees will improve and update their management skills of disabled and temporarily disabled workers. This practical presentation will identify employers' common and conflicting obligations under the three sets of state (AK, WA, and OR) and federal laws related to injured employees: disability discrimination, leave entitlements, and workers' compensation. Attendees will learn how to avoid common or new pitfalls that recent court decisions and regulatory changes have created. Participants will have a chance to test their skills by working through hypotheticals that cover common mistakes and by going head-to-head with other professionals. Attendees will leave ready to develop action plans for their organizations for leave compliance and to manage performance problems for disabled employees, including terminations.

Presenter: Catharine Morisset, Associate, Jackson Lewis LLP, Seattle, WA

T07) The Human Resources / Safety Interface
Strategic Management - Approved for 1.25 General Credits

A fine line exists between the management of human resources and workplace or occupational safety. In an environment where many HR professionals are being asked to supervise safety functions, knowledge of both disciplines is required. Regulatory compliance, knowledge and competencies in both areas are vast and complex. Unfortunately, many human resource professionals view “safety” as worker’s compensation, and little more. This presentation is designed to address the interface between these two worlds and demonstrate that management of human resources also includes key elements of a good safety program, and that HR is paramount to enhancing an organization’s culture of safety.

Presenter: Mark Wade, Manager of Human Resources and Director of Safety, Evans Properties, Inc., Vero Beach, FL

T08) Different Perspectives on Leadership:  What Can You Learn from Today's Thought Leaders
Organizational Effectiveness and Talent Development - Approved for 1.25 Strategic Credits


The Twentieth Century gave us Taylor, Maslow, Drucker, and Herzberg.  While they were great in a static, hierarchical businessplace, their thoughts have lost much relevance for today.
We'll take a different look at Leadership in our increasingly turbulent times.  Relying on four of the key Leadership thinkers of this century, Teresa Amabile, Jim Collins, Malcolm Gladwell, and Patrick Lencioni, attendees will have a strategic initiation into their own leadership tactics, and focus on ways of improving them.  While the session is likely to move in many directions, much of our conversation will focus in the following areas:  
How do we nourish our team and retain organizational health in a bottom line driven economy?
Do total focus and commitment lead to success?
What is the impact of personal style?
When systems break down, how much of the hierarchy should we discard as we favor a networked approach?
This will be a participant driven session.  You will have opportunity to examine your behaviors, and work on changes you can implement in the coming weeks, months, and years.

Presenter: Alan Cabelly, Professor, School of Business Administration, Portland State University, Portland, OR

T09) Worksite Wellness: Everybody's Doing It! Aren't YOU!?!
Organizational Effectiveness and Talent Development - Approved for 1.25 General Credits

Let’s face it, wellness is a buzzword and everyone is doing it, right? Hear about the current trends in worksite wellness promotion across the country and in your own backyard. We will also talk about the different definitions of wellness, the latest research on the topic, wellness in regards to health care reform, and key components of any worksite wellness program. Learn about different types of programs that are out there and more importantly, how to evaluate those programs to see if they are right for your company. We'll discuss both the power and downside of incentives and how behavioral economics comes into play. Lastly, walk away from this presentation with some ideas of how you can create a more health-conscious culture at work with simple, yet effective changes in your policies and worksites.

Presenter: Cara Fairbanks, Owner & Consultant, WhiteWater Wellness, Anchorage, AK

T10) Overcoming the Challenges of International Background Screening
Workforce Planning and Employment - Approved for 1.25 International Credits

Many firms are finding that they have a need to conduct background screening on individuals from other countries. They can be either foreign born individual working in the US or individuals you are hiring in another country. This session will teach you how to identify the risks of not conducting background checks on foreign nationals and candidates that spend considerable time abroad; understanding the challenges and hurdles to over-come when developing an effective international background screening program strategy; learn proper resources and best practices when conducting background checks overseas; learn background screening basics in Canada, The United Kingdom, and India.

Presenter: Robert Capwell, CKO, Employment Background Investigations, Inc. (EBI), Owings Mills, MD


2:15 pm – 2:45 pm      Networking Break in Tradeshow


2:45 pm 4:00 pm      Concurrent Workshops

T11) How Employers Can Use U.S. Immigration Laws to Their Advantage
Employment Law & Legislation - Approved for 1.25 International Credits

Enforcement of U.S. immigration laws made headlines this year as the DHS ramped up deporting aliens and fined employers who broke the law. Enforcement is a large part of what DHS does: however there is an orderly but often complicated method for employers to get the benefit of global talent and expertise. Join us as Margaret Stock, explains the positive use of U.S. immigration laws to hire foreign nationals who may have the exact talent that you need. Among many things you will learn are: The four things required to get H-1 petitions approved for professionals; Why L-1 Intra-Company Transferee applications are being scrutinized and often denied; How to keep your talented employees indefinitely through the PERM process; When employees may not be able to change status or extend their stay while in the United States and the downside of applying at the U.S. consulates; Six pitfalls to avoid when using U.S. immigration laws to bring or keep foreign nationals; Special immigration provisions that U.S. employers can use for Canadians; Why the immigration process takes so long, and tricks to speed up the process.

Presenter: Margaret Stock, Counsel to the Firm, Lane Powell PC, Anchorage, AK

T12) The M&A Toolkit: People Strategy for Business Success
Strategic Management - Approved for 1.25 Strategic Credits

In an acquisition, you’re either the acquirer or the acquired. This is a high-stakes, rapidly changing game of cat and mouse, and the most critical time for business and people strategies to be aligned. This session focuses on the importance of the acquired company to be a champion of their business and people strategies, to ensure the right outcomes are achieved. Leave the session with an understanding that being acquired doesn’t mean getting eaten. Workplace Application: HR executives will leave the session with practical tips and tools to strengthen their company’s position at the M&A bargaining table and beyond. Presentation Description: There is a surprising lack of understanding by leadership teams in the implication of business success as a function of successfully applied business focused, people strategies. In this session, the focus will be on preparing HR leaders to build their practices with the knowledge and understanding that businesses do not operate on a business strategy alone, but work in concert with a closely aligned people strategy. These lessons can be applied throughout the businesses lifecycle, but will uniquely position them in a seat of power if they find themselves at the M&A negotiating table. Highlighted throughout the presentation will be tips and strategies that HR leaders can use to apply their knowledge and skills to promote greater understanding of how closely integrated business and people strategies are to the success of the organization. These lessons, when applied to M&A, are invaluable in understanding how simple decisions in the deal process can impact the future of the business pre and post acquisition.

Presenter: Keeley Mooneyhan, Director of M&A Practice, HR Matters, Inc., CA

T13) Improving the Quality of Employee Work Life: How We Make Work Meaningful
Organizational Effectiveness and Talent Development - Approved for 1.25 General Credits

Employees want more than a paycheck from their work! Employees who are enthusiastic and engaged in their work perform better, stay longer, and feel more satisfaction on the job. When they find meaning and purpose in their work, employees rarely leave -- even when offered more money! Learn how human beings are "meaning making machines" and how we can help make our employees' experience at work meaningful and significant. Dr. Carritte is an enthusiastic and entertaining presenter, a business psychologist, and a previous HR VP at Baskin Robbins. Come hear how your people can make more meaning from their work!

Presenter: Nancy Carritte, Psychologist and CEO, Go Beyond Your Boundaries!, Astoria, OR

T14) Evaluating and Improving PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Management) Contract Fiscal Performance
Total Rewards - Approved for 1.25 General Credits

Plan sponsors accept negotiations and terms for PBM services based on what the PBM (and possibly their broker) tells them is available. Unfortunately, several key drivers of prescription cost are not addressed in most PBM contracts. Paramount among these is the specific unit pricing of the drugs in a benefit. The methods utilized for higher drug prices to the plan sponsor and do not provide the lowest possible costs. This presentation will provide methods a plan sponsor can evaluate prescription pricing and achieve dramatic ($50-100 pepm) cost reduction through improved PBM negotiations and contracting.

Presenter: Terrance Killilea, Wells Fargo, Anchorage, AK

T15) Recruiting for Culture
Workforce Planning and Employment - Approved for 1.25 General Credits

This session will be an informative discussion on how Recruiting for Culture improves organizational focus, reduces short-term turnover, increases retention and productivity and protects the employer from risk. Heather will present information regarding the elements of corporate culture and how the HR professional can utilize this information to better solicit and match candidates. As HR Professionals, we need to help maximize employee productivity, engagement and satisfaction. Our role in recruitment marks the beginning of our commitment in this regard. Recruiting for culture will help ensure we are leveraging the right talent from "the get-go," thus helping HR prove their value to the supervisor and the organization.

Presenter: Heather Kinzie, Principal, A Leading Solution, Anchorage, AK


4:15 pm 5:30 pm      Concurrent Workshops

T16) Facing the Facebook Dilemna:  What's an Employer to Do?
Employment Law & Legislation - Approved for 1.25 General Credits

Participants will learn about the new challenges facing employers due to their own and employees' use of social media and electronic communications. Attendees will discover how to apply old legal principles to new legal challenges in the modern workplace, including how to avoid new legal pitfalls from using or monitoring social media as part of the hiring or employee discipline process. Topics will include the developing National Labor Relations Board's focus on social media policies even for non-unionized employers. Participants will learn guidelines to develop a compliant social media and electronic communications policy and strategies to avoid legal claims from employees related to their social media use.

Presenter: Catharine Morisset, Associate, Jackson Lewis LLP, Seattle, WA

T17) Mentoring – Designing and Delivering a Program to have Strategic Impact
Organizational Effectiveness and Talent Development - Approved for 1.25 Strategic Credits


Don’t underestimate the relationship between mentoring and your bottom line.  Learn how to design and leverage your mentoring program to have strategic business impact. Effective mentoring programs can help reduce staff turnover, develop successors, transfer knowledge, and re-energize leaders. Discover a 7-step process for designing your mentoring program and learn from best practices. When you apply the process and principles of this session you will begin to see the impact mentoring can have on your organization’s success.  

Presenter: Gwen Kennedy, Owner and Principal, Kennedy & Associates

T18) Where The Wild Things Are
Organizational Effectiveness and Talent Development - Approved for 1.25 General Credits

A long-term employee comes to the office one morning and begins wrapping her computer in tinfoil so “they” won’t hear her thoughts. A unstable, violent alcoholic who shows up to work still drunk from the bender the night before. An employee complains to HR that his manager has been stalking him on the weekends. We will discuss some of the more “wild” situations we have encountered in our years as counsel, conflict managers and investigators. Attendees will learn (a) practical solutions for handling difficult employee situations, (b) what steps might be taken to anticipate the situations before they explode and (c) the potential legal implications involved. The discussion promises to be applicable, memorable, interesting, and amusing.

Presenters: Elizabeth Van Moppes, Attorney/Trainer/Investigator, Workplace Counselor, Seattle, WA

Carol Bowser, President, Conflict Managemetn Strategies, Inc., Puyallup, WA

T19) How You Can Make a Difference in Your Company, Your Career, and the Lives of Your Employees Through Your Company’s 401(k)
Total Rewards - Approved for 1.25 General Credits

In this presentation, we identify steps you can take to turn your company’s 401(k) plan into a world-class program. Your employees will thank you and your employer will applaud you. We’ll take a look at fees, advice, employee services and how you can ensure you have the most competitive plan.

Presenter: Michael R. Brown, Managing Partner, ClearPoint Financial, Kirkland, WA

T20) Four Key Components to a Safety Program that Works
Workforce Planning and Employment - Approved for 1.25 General Credits

Risk is inevitably present in each and every workplace. Even companies with an entire incident-free fiscal year are at risk of injuries that develop into costly claims. With increases in healthcare costs and OSHA inspections, an effective safety program is something employers can no longer afford to put on the back burner. The effectiveness of a safety program is not determined by just one factor or area of focus. It takes a comprehensive, balanced approach to reduce the risk of pain and injuries in the workplace. This presentation will highlight the four essential components to an effective safety program that accomplishes three goals; improve employees’ overall health, eliminate injuries and costly claims from the workplace, and increase employees’ productivity. Coined the BEEA+ paradigm, this proven strategy focuses on the four components required for an effective safety program; Biophysics, Education, Ergonomics, and Awareness. This presentation will walk company leadership teams though these four components and explain how each one helps to create a proactive safety program. Attendees will witness real-world examples of Fortune 500 companies who have experienced success and a tremendous return on investment with such a program, and learn how to apply that information to their own company.

Presenter: Trent Shuford, President/CEO, InjuryFree, Woodinville, WA


6:30 pm – 9:00 pm      NHRMA Evening Event at Anchorage Museum


Alaska’s largest museum offers a combined appreciation of art and history that fosters a deep understanding of Alaska’s history and culture. After a full day of meetings, unwind by getting to know what makes this state so special. Enjoy a casual night with your colleagues where there’s plenty of art and exhibits to inspire, impress and teach you.


Local artisans will be on hand to display their works in our own private Alaskan Native Art Marketplace. Savor delicious hors d’oeuvres while you browse their hand-made jewelry and crafts and possibly even purchase a few souvenirs. Spend some time viewing the exhibits in the 2nd floor gallery devoted entirely to Alaska’s history and ethnology. Learn about the skills and materials employed by different cultures to hunt, dress, dwell and survive in often unforgiving environments – it’s truly fascinating. Other interesting topics include whaling, the Gold Rush, and the destructive 1964 earthquake. Docents will be on hand to provide periodic tours and to answer questions.