Alaska Attractions

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Things to do:

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Mile 79 Seward Highway, Girdwood, AK 99587
P) 907.783.2025
AWCC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving Alaska’s wildlife through public education. AWCC takes in injured and orphaned animals year-round and provides spacious enclosures and quality animal care. Animals that cannot be released into the wild are given a permanent home at the center.
Alaska Aviation Museum 
4721 Aircraft Drive, Anchorage AK 99502
P) 907.248.5325 
Alaska's premier aviation history center containing a large collection of vintage aircraft and flight memorabilia.
Hike Flattop
The trail starts with a wooden staircase and switchbacks through hemlock until reaching the alpine tundra at Blueberry hill. The last few hundred feet are steep & rocky. The views are great from the top of the 3550 ft peak. On clear days Mt. McKinley and Mt Redoubt can easily be seen. If so desired a person can continue along the ridge to the southeast to the next two peaks, elevations 3658 ft. and 4111 ft. During the summer and winter solstice the Mountaineering Club of Alaska holds overnight camp-outs on the summit, despite the lack of water.
Rated easy-moderate due to the elevation gain in the short distance and bad trail conditions near the top. The trail holds several potential hazards. Exercise extreme caution as you approach the summit. Several hikers have been seriously injured after slipping on the loose rocks and falling off the side. Stay between the markers that are set near the summit. 
Novices may have problems. Not recommended for small children. 
Directions: Drive south on the New Seward Highway and take the O'Malley road exit and head east. Drive about 4 miles and take a right onto Hillside drive. Drive approximately 1 mile and turn left onto Upper Huffman Road, and drive .7 miles to a three way intersection, turn right onto Toilsome Hill Drive. Go about 2 miles to the Glen Alps parking area, the trailhead is on the left.
The Flattop Trail is found by climbing the stairs on the southeast side of the parking area. (Lat:61.1 Lon:-149.68)
K2 Aviation 
Talkeetna State Airport, 14052 East 2nd Street, Talkeetna, Alaska 99676
A flightseeing trip over Denali National Park and Preserve will give you a bird's-eye view of its incredible vastness and awesome beauty. Encounter a mile high gorge, rivers of pre-historic glacier ice, snow capped mountains that extend seemingly forever and North America's tallest mountain, Mt. McKinley, towering above it all. Whether you choose an incredible flightseeing tour into the mountains, add a glacier landing, decide to climb one of Denali's towering peaks, or choose to hike in Denali's back country, we will assist you in finding the right experience.
Visit Seward
Seward offers an unbeatable year round quality of life environment to attract residents, visitors and employees. The spectacular mountain and bay scenery, with abundant land-based and marine wildlife coupled with immediate access to pristine areas for hiking, mountain biking, mountain climbing, cross country skiing, snow machining, camping, fishing, white water rafting, dog mushing, sea kayaking, cold water scuba diving and other outdoor activities make the City of Seward a year round outdoor playground for all ages. 
Visit Homer
Recreation and adventure are outside your door year-round in the Kachemak Bay area, and 24-hours a day in the summer. There are many options from which to choose. You can stroll a sunlit beach, hike up a mountain, kayak by a glacier or in a protected cove. Tour by land, air or sea; horseback, four-wheeler, or sail the wind - on the water or above the hills. Or choose close encounters with wildlife, such as bears and sea creatures, in their own habitat. Homer provides a variety of exciting recreational adventures for everyone.
Visit Portage Glacier
Portage Lake was created behind the terminal moraine of Portage Glacier as it began receding. Burns Glacier, a hanging glacier, is visible in the middle distance; Portage Glacier is hidden behind the outcropping to the right of Burns Glacier.
Visit Matanuska Glacier
The Matanuska Glacier is without a doubt the largest and most spectacular sight between the cities of Palmer and Glennallen, and was chosen by Alaska Magazine as #2 of “49 PLACES TO GO IN THE 49th STATE”. It originates from within the Chugach mountain range of South Central Alaska and is visible from the Glenn Highway National Scenic Byway in Glacier View, Alaska.
The Matanuska Glacier is the largest glacier in Alaska that can be reached by vehicle. It is approximately 26 miles long and 4 miles wide at its terminus. It is classified as a valley glacier; a body of solid ice that flows like a river under its own weight through an existing valley. About 10,000 years ago it began its retreat to its present day location, and it has not seen any significant change in mass for almost two decades. Because the Matanuska Glacier is a weather hole, cold air from the glacier forces warm air upward towards the mountain peaks. This results in sunny skies and more favorable weather than its surrounding areas, making this a perfect destination for the Alaskan traveler. 
Shops to visit:
Aurora Fine Art Gallery, 5th Ave and G St.
Alaskan Ivory Exchange, 4th Ave and G St.
Antique Gallery, 4th Ave and K St.
Boreal Traditions, Captain Cook Hotel
Grizzly Gifts, 4th Ave and E St.
Oomingmak Musk Ox Producers Coop., 6th Ave and H St.
David Green Master Furriers, 130 W. 4th Ave.
Nordstrom, 6th Ave and D St. 
Places to eat:
Simons and Seaforts Downtown
Double Musky, Girdwood
Brewhouse, Downtown
Orso’s, Downtown
Ray’s, Midtown
Jen’s, Midtown
Club Paris, Downtown
Dish, Midtown
Haru, Midtown
Sourdough Mining Company, Midtown
Sullivan’s Steakhouse, Downtown
Snowgoose, Downtown