Do you need to get approval from your company to attend NHRMA 2018? We can help.


Many professional development budgets have been reduced considerably, but that should not prevent you or your team from attending the #1 venue for Human Resource professionals  in the Northwest. The recertification credits alone make NHRMA a must-attend conference. In addition to HRCI and SHRM credits offered at the annual NHRMA Conference & Tradeshow, use the following information to explain the numerous benefits of sending you and your team to NHRMA 2018.

When pitching to your supervisor:
  • Focus on the specific information that you will be able to bring back to your organization to improve and grow your current processes and programs. View the Conference Agenda and mark which workshops you'll plan to attend.

  • Offer to prepare and deliver a presentation for your colleagues to share what you learned and the resources you have gathered. This proves that your attendance not only benefits you, but your company as a whole.

  • Explain your plan to manage your workload while away at the Conference. Schedule deadlines and meetings around the conference dates so you can focus on getting the most out of your attendance, but also stay on track back at the office.

  • Show the cost savings of registering early and that getting approval early is worth it! You and your company will get the most bang for your buck. Click here for registration rates.

  • Need some help with wording? Use this Sample Letter to Your Supervisor to get you started.


See what past attendees thought of the NHRMA Conference:


"The NHRMA Conference blew my expectations out of the water. Speakers and sessions were top notch!"


"This is one of the most consistently good conferences I have ever attended. I am impressed with the organization of this event, the relevant and thought-leading workshops, and the people who attend."


"This was the BEST HR conference I have ever been to. I came away a better HR professional because of it."


"This was the most organized conference I have attended  - kudos to the team! The speakers and topics were top quality."


"This conference was excellent. All workshops were very interactive and allowed me to challenge myself."