As the Northwest Human Resource Management Association (NHRMA) celebrates its 82nd anniversary, NHRMA’s goal is to ensure create a lively and valuable learning Conference & Tradeshow for every participant.


To Submit a presentation, please read the information below and check the boxes at the bottom of the page. Once you have checked those boxes, a button will appear which will take you to the page to start your submission. 


NHRMA is seeking proposals for workshops that will:

  • Engage each participant in dialogue about future human resource issues facing our business communities.
  • Introduce innovative programs that are successful and sustainable into the future.
  • Cover hot topics that are relevant for the variety of experience levels of the HR professionals that will be attending the conference.


If you have a topic that you believe fits with these goals, we invite you to submit a presentation proposal for the 2020 NHRMA Annual Conference & Tradeshow. We are looking for presenters with proven expertise and public speaking ability. All conference presenters will receive admission to the conference free of charge. 


Deadline for Submission

Proposals must be submitted no later than Friday, December 13, 2019.


Proposal Status Notification 

You will be notified of the status of your proposal no later than January 10, 2020. Please hold the conference dates of September 30 – October 2, 2020 available until notified of your proposal status.


Preparing to Submit

Please read through these instructions thoroughly for a full understanding of the process prior to submitting your proposal. The NHRMA Conference Committee will be reviewing many proposals, so understand that we will not be able to consider proposals submitted with incomplete information.


Proposal Content Requirements

  • Presenter contact information
  • Presentation title
  • Presentation summary / workshop description (no more than 100 words)
  • Three to five learning objectives
  • Brief speaker biography
  • Proof of performance
  • HRCI/SHRM number, if your program has been pre-approved for credits in the past


To Submit a Proposal

  • Complete the online submission form and provide the required information. If your presentation is selected, the information provided on the form will be used in conference publications, including, but not limited to, brochures and the conference website. The NHRMA 2020 Conference Committee reserves the right to edit your presentation title, presentation description, and/or your biographical sketch as necessary, taking care not to alter the intended meaning.
  • Incomplete submissions will not be considered.
  • Written notification of selection will be sent no later than January 10, 2020.


If selected, the Conference registration fee will be waived; however, lodging, transportation and other costs related to participating in the Conference the responsibility of the presenter.


Pre-Conference Intensive Workshops will last 3 hours — Wednesday, September 30

Concurrent Workshops will last 1 to 2 hours — Wednesday, September 30 – Friday, October 2


2020 Workshop Presentation Formats

The 2020 NHRMA Conference will employ a unique perspective. The intent of the conference is to provide a variety of presentation topics to attract different clientele, while also increasing the degree of interaction among the participants. Presentation style is as important to the success of this conference as is the specific topic proposed by potential speakers.


The Conference Committee invites experienced speakers to propose sessions that will fit into one or more of the tracks described below, with content relevant to HR employees in Alaska, Washington, and Oregon. The goal is to comprehensively engage participants to provide a highly rewarding conference experience with maximum value.


2020 Workshop Tracks

Each proposal should indicate the workshop track most appropriate for it.


  • Talent Management Strategy - The pressure to source and retain top talent is impacting organizations on a global scale. Presenters will provide insight into successful/relevant recruitment trends that involve compensation and benefits strategies, utilizing current technology, and designing a culture and total rewards philosophy to help acquire and retain employees in today’s challenging environment.
  • Global HR - Having a firm grasp on global employment practices is becoming more and more of a requirement for HR employees each year. Presenters will share their expertise on managing employees (hiring, performance, payroll, terminations – and more!) addressing both national and international jurisdictions.
  • Strategic LeadershipStrategic leaders are the focal point for organizational learning. They promote a culture of inquiry, and they search for the lessons in both successful and unsuccessful outcomes. Strategic leadership defines leadership styles and how to streamline organizations and engage the workforce. Attendees will learn these different leadership approaches, and how they can impact the organization’s vision, direction, growth and success.
  • Legal Compliance – Attendees will learn about legal, legislative, and regulatory developments impacting employment and HR practices and will glean guidance for both ensuring compliance and forecasting legal developments on the horizon.
  • Diversity & Inclusion – Awareness and appreciation of workplace diversity is becoming more and more important as diversity is directly tied to company culture and financial performance. Attendees will learn how to better evaluate and articulate the strategic business value of diversity in the workplace as well as specific strategies that will enable them to build more diverse and inclusive cultures in their organizations.
  • Rebel - The only constant in today’s world is change and disruption. Rebel speakers will deliver polarizing topics and a new spin on traditional HR topics.


Proof of Performance

NHRMA seeks experienced presenters with proven speaking ability – those who are engaging while maintaining command of their audience and who can provide proof of performance. Any one of the following formats below would be acceptable. Please note that NHRMA will not be able to return any of the proof of performance provided.

  • Local SHRM chapter referrals or references – please provide names and contact information of an individual associated with a SHRM chapter who have attended or can vouch for your presentation content and style.
  • Evaluation summaries that show your quality ratings and scores from previous speaking engagements. Please include the number of attendees present and your topic, and explain the ratings received.
  • Videos of yourself presenting a workshop. Promotional videos about your organization or highlighting products and services or interviews on a television show are not acceptable proof of performance.


Submitter Responsibilities

  • Meet all deadlines. 
  • Once accepted, provide your presentation in electronic format to NHRMA no later than the deadline provided upon confirmation of selection. The format should be in widescreen Microsoft PowerPoint. You must present the workshop content as you describe it in your submission.
  • If possible, include “Next Steps” or recommended actions for attendees to encourage practical application after the workshop.
  • Consistent with the presentation format, include at least one two-person or small group exercise that can be facilitated in a theater-seating environment (no tables) to encourage attendee interaction as a way to further illustrate your message and as another form of conference networking.
  • In your workshop, announce that your presentation can be downloaded from the conference website.
  • Understand the audiovisual equipment that’s provided and make additional equipment requests on or before the deadline provided. Last minute requests may not be possible to accommodate.
  • Do not add a co-presenter or change the identity or number of presenters without approval. Submissions with multiple presenters must be submitted as a single proposal. All proposed presenters must agree to terms and conditions of the Call for Presentations.
  • Honor NHRMA’s commitment to provide meaningful, applicable education by not promoting the presenter’s practice, services, or products. Your business logo may only appear in the footer of your presentation or on handouts. We encourage you to include your contact information on a closing slide so that attendees may contact you should they desire to do so.
  • Respect NHRMA as the sponsoring organization and potential workshop sponsors with either positive or neutral comments during your presentation.
  • If selected, allow NHRMA to copy your presentation materials to the conference website, to a conference USB drive, if sponsored, or to any other electronic source for distribution.
  • Submit your proposal by Friday December 13, 2019. Please keep the Conference dates available until notified of submission status.



  • Key Contact Information
  • Presenters/Panelists Contact Information
  • 2-3 Sentence Summary of Credentials for Each Presenter
  • Workshop Title
  • Workshop Objectives
  • Workshop Description (no more than 150 words)

  • Read and Understood All Submitter/Key Contact Responsibilities (Including Conference Registration)
  • Read and Understood All Audio Visual Benefits