2020 Annual NHRMA Conference & Tradeshow Statement on COVID-19

NHRMA Master Series


In today's business environment, top leaders recognize the value of Human Capital as the real differentiator. As organizations look to draw a clear line between their people strategies and their business goals, the purpose of HR has evolved from a tactical function to a competency for leadership, functional and operational decision making, and strategic planning.


The NHRMA Master Series are interactive forums designed specifically for seasoned HR professionals looking to get more than a few simple takeaways. These sessions are longer than concurrent sessions to allow for a deeper dive into content and provide experiential learning focused opportunities, full of innovative best practices and concreate takeaways.


The goal of the NHRMA Master Series is to enhance HR leadership by moving HR from the transactional model to the current best practice, which is to have HR help drive strategy within an organization.


NHRMA Master Series Competency Focus: Business Acumen, Communication, Consultation, Cultural Effectiveness, Ethical Practice, Human Resource Technical Expertise and Practice, Organizational Leadership and Navigation, Critical Evaluation, and Relationship Management.